Forgive the pun, but these aren't your garden-variety salads. From classic combinations to modern twists on tradition, every salad you see here is made-in-house according to a thoroughly vetted chef's recommendation. And yes, you can really taste it in every bite.

tomato, cucumber, bacon, spiced pecans, pepper jack and cheddar cheese NT$ 240
bacon, tomato and bleu cheese crumbles NT$ 240
baby greens, green apples, grapes, tomato, craisins, toasted pecans, bleu cheese crumbles and feta cheese tossed in creamy herb dressing NT$ 400 add chicken $ 80 add salmon $ 120
topped with bacon, egg, mushrooms, red onions and croutons, tossed in tangy vinaigrette NT$ 460 add chicken $ 80 add salmon $ 120
classic caesar dressing and croutons NT$ 360 add chicken $ 80 add salmon $ 120
tomato, bacon, egg and avocado your choice of chicken NT$ 460 or seafood NT$ 590
grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, garbanzo beans, tomato and pepper jack cheese, tossed with olive lemon vinaigrette NT$ 440
pecan crusted chicken with fresh asian pear, blueberries, craisins and gorgonzola cheese, tossed in märzen balsamic vinaigrette NT$ 480
blackened ahi, seared rare, over baby greens tossed in märzen balsamic vinaigrette, and top with cajun remoulade NT$ 480
topped with pear, fresh berries, craisins, spiced pecans, toasted almonds, yellow peppers and feta cheese, tossed in honey mustard NT$ 520
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