drizzled with cajun remoulade and wasabi dip, served with namasu.
fresh tuna diced and tossed in teriyaki sauce over crisp wonton chips, with grilled pineapple and pickled ginger. drizzled with cucumber wasabi sauce and sriracha cream.
shrimp poached and iced in our märzen lager, served cold with cocktail sauce.
tossed with märzen balsamic vinaigrette.
served with strawberry yogurt.
crispy bacon, romaine lettuce and tomato on a toast.
swiss cheese, tomato, baby greens with watercress mayonnaise on a toast.
classic caesar dressing and croutons.
grilled chicken, tomato, artichoke hearts, feta cheese and cashew, served with märzen balsamic vinaigrette.
baby greens, grilled chicken, green apples, grapes, tomato, craisins, toasted pecans, bleu cheese crumbles and feta cheese. served with creamy herb dressing.
blackened shrimp served over a bed of lettuce, topped with cucumber, tomato, bacon, spiced pecan, bleu cheese crumbles, cheddar and pepper jack cheese. served with southwest ranch.
baby greens with tomato, cucumber, red peppers & onions, kalamata olives, capers and feta cheese, served with red wine vinaigrette.
italian pudding cake with warm fudge sauce, accompanied by strawberry and dusted with powdered sugar.
served with crème anglaise.
layered with a silky cream cheese frosting.
served with housemade strawberry sauce.
with whipped cream, over caramel and chocolate sauce.
traditional custard served chilled and topped with caramelized sugar.
tossed in olive oil, seasoned with fresh chopped garlic.
with brown sugar cream cheese and bbq dipping sauce.
served with marinara and wasabi dip.
jumbo shrimp rolled in flaked coconut and fried, served with pineapple salsa and honey mustard.
stuffed with pulled chicken, black beans, corn, roasted red peppers and pepper jack cheese.
crispy breaded chicken tenderloin with sautéed tri-peppers and jalapeños. accompanied by thai ketchup.
crab, pancetta and havarti in creamy risotto, served over spicy lemon remoulade.
wild mushroom and havarti in creamy risotto, served over parmesan garlic dip.
fresh cut potato chips smothered in gorgonzola garlic sauce with prosciutto, chardonnay-marinated figs and sautéed shiitake mushrooms.
fresh cut potato chips smothered in havarti cream sauce with bleu cheese crumbles and bacon
with black beans, cheddar & pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo, red onions and cilantro, topped with märzen beer & cheddar fondue and a drizzle of southwest ranch.
lightly fried and tossed in sweet chili sauce, served with asian slaw.
tossed in spicy chili märzen sauce, accompanied by asian slaw.
tossed in thai fire sauce, served with asian slaw.
tossed in our housemade wing sauce, served with celery and bleu cheese dressing.
cream of asparagus, pumpkin and tomato basil soup.
with sesame vinaigrette and asian slaw.
beef skewer grilled with pineapple, green & red pepper, dipping with teriyaki sauce.
grilled sausage skewer with red onion, green & yellow pepper, dipping with märzen mustard.
with märzen bbq sauce, served with asian slaw.
served with porter cream sauce.
stuffed with green onions and dipping with teriyaki sauce.
2 oz, with baby greens, tomato and sautéed mushrooms.
pecan chicken pan-fried and served on toasted slider buns, topped with pear chutney and fresh arugula.
sausages simmered in fresh lager and grilled. served in pretzel rolls with caramelized onions and märzen mustard.
marinated, topped with charred salsa and feta cheese, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and baby greens.
ground beef, italian sausage, spinach, ricotta and mozzarella cheese in pasta roll, served with marinara sauce.
tossed with tomato and fresh basil over linguini.
any kinds of our housemade flatbreads.
any kinds of our housemade, oven-fired pizzas.
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